9 Point for a location Scout

Ireland 2017

Location scouting is a process in the pre-production stage of commercial photography and filmmaking,  that consists of finding a suitable location for a photography or video session.
Always take a camera and a notebook to point out all the details of the place. 

These are 9 essential points that will help you finding a suitability a location.

1. Overall aesthetic - Does the place go along with your concept?
2. Available light indoors or outdoors - aswell as the lighting conditions.

3. Visit the location at the same time you will photograph or film - especially outdoors where the light quality varies .

4. Weather Conditions - what’s the viability of choosing an outdoor place ? will that affect many areas of production like scheduling? Plans should be made well in advance of any shoot day with a possibility to be affected by weather.

5. logistic - feasibility including but not limited to distance from base of operations or other locations scheduled. 
6. Availability of parking and facilities - to keep crew and talent (principal actors or models and extras) safe and dry at all times
7. Availability of electrical power - or feasibility of bringing in generators for lights and electrical equipment.
8. Permission - from and cooperation of location owner and neighbors, local government and law enforcement
9. financial cost to production 

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